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Advent Calendar

Dec 1, 2023 - Dec 24, 2023

  • 24Days
  • 26Steps
advent calendar, meditation, reiki, new year, fairy tale, peace, love, christmas


VOYAGE FOR THE FLAME In the far west, there was a town called The Nodilles. This town existed not on maps of the known world but outside of it, over, and inside again. The Nodilles was a town where every dream ever thought of, lived. A young gentlewoman named Ela dreamed of becoming an important and most of all successful doctor. Because of her family status she couldn’t pursue her dreams. Instead of that she followed the expectations of her family to become an heiress of their fortune, a woman of business, someone collecting the wealth of others and storage it in her family treasure troves. This gentlewoman worked with gold, jewels and money since she was a little girl. Most of the people around her would say that she has the most wonderful life. No one really knew her. Ela was special. Inside of her, within her heart, a small flame burned. A flame so powerful that woke her up at nights with heart aches. In the most severe winter the flame kept her warm even in light clothes. And with all the gold she worked with, she could never wear it since jewelry always left a burning mark on her skin. (to be continued on 1st of December 2023)

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