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21 days of

Meditation Challenge

I invite you to join us in the 21 days of Meditation Challenge. It start on the 1st of the month and last until the 21st of the month.

You will meditate in an hour of your choosing. And you will meditate with your favorite meditation. Our online challenge, however, will make it easier for you to track your progress. At the same time, you will find articles, interesting things, meditations (in case you don't have your own) in your daily activities, we will guide you, we will encourage you, we will help you to raise your vibration as high as possible.

Start, walk this path with us, accept this challenge. Overcome the obstacles within you.

You can do it if you decide. If your intention is sincere, you will find the time, the way and peace to do it.
Don't try, don't dare! Keep your intention clear and you will because you can!
I see an extraordinary opportunity ahead of us, but how this opportunity will develop depends on ourselves. The seed cannot germinate unless it has the right conditions. Just like with the seed, it is with the option that awaits us. It is an ideal time, we just have to cultivate this seed, this opportunity, this potential that we carry within us.

Invite everyone who you think would benefit from this challenge. You can meditate in a family circle, with a partner, at the same time with a friend and share your experiences. Join us on this wonderful journey.

Focused Mind

To access the challenge, click Enter below.
If you want to make the Challenge even easier, you can download the Spaces by Wix app. Or using the link:

The Access Code: VSC3MN

*** at the bottom of the page you can find a video showing how to use the app ***

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How to use the app

Video prikaz o temu kako dostopati in uporabljati izziv, ko ste naložili aplikacijo Wix app.
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