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3 golden rules of meditation

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

I will write about your purpose before starting a meditation. To make meditation more effective, there are three principles we follow.

3 regole della meditazione

I. I have no wishes

I want nothing at least for this short period of time. I have no wishes in these few minutes of meditation. Because even that one desire won't let you relax. So for this short time, have no desires. Be without expectations.

II. I am nothing

I can be many things. But in this moment, I can let go of all that I am. Forget all the titles you have and say to yourself: "I am nothing".

III. I'm not doing anything

For this short period of time I don't want to learn anything, I don't want to know anything, I don't want to do anything. I'm not doing anything. Just like when you get a massage. If you wanted to do something during the massage, you would not relax. Just lie down and the masseur will know where to focus more. The universe works in a similar way, it knows what to do. So, during meditation, I don't do anything.

These three golden rules are essential for deeper relaxation: I have no desires, I am nothing, I do nothing.... For those few minutes that meditation lasts.

It is entirely possible that you are already following these rules but are not aware of them. In this case, keep it that way.

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