Ancient standing stones

It is almost that special time of the year when a lot of people are searching for an extra energy spot to visit on the summer solstice. You can see how many people visit Stonehenge every year for a special something, a unique experience and hopefully energy recharge.

Two years ago we decided to visit Scotland in June. It wasn’t my trip to tailor but one thing I asked for and that was visiting a stone circle in the Isle of Lewis for the solstice.

Callanish standing stones

Callanish are 5000 years old standing stone circles. All together, there are nineteen circles. We visited three of them. One of them, of course, is the biggest one, in a way the main one. It is located on the top of a hill from where the endless June sunset can be observed, as the sun hardly sets.

Sensations and the meditation

The energy that the old Druids had at their disposal, was no longer present. The door was closed. There is, however, a memory of powerful energies written in stones, earth and the surrounding area. The island itself is mystic. Very different from the neighboring islands. It carries a powerful sleeping energy inside of it. Maybe even universal wisdom. And like every wise and old man, this island is calm and quiet. It does not need to demonstrate anything because it knows to much and no one would be able to understand it.

meditation Callanish standing stones

I was an alien there. A small, ignorant researcher, full of expectations. With the physical senses I crossed the field and finally, when I did not feel anything shocking, as I initially hoped for, I decided to bestow something to the place. The greatest gift I could give at the moment. It was pure, without any expectations and with the knowledge that the place did not feel me, just as I did not perceive it. And when I unconditionally left go of this gift, the energy of this region woke up, looked at me, and opened the door into seeing, knowing, and understanding. I had the opportunity to ask whatever I wanted, but since I wasn’t expecting it, I was poorly prepared and because of that I sincerely apologize. But what I managed to find out, I now share with you.

And when I unconditionally let go of this gift, the energy of this region woke up, looked at me, and opened the door to seeing, knowledge, and understanding.

The area is full of memories of this extraordinary energy that was coming through the door, the passage from another dimension. The people who set up these stones were very different from us. It is not enough to say that they were more spiritually developed, their spirituality in some way ran parallel with ours. They were much more evolved than any of us is today.

Callanish stone

The energy that came through this passage was sent through it. Those who sent it had a special friendly and cooperative relationship with these settlers. The door needed to be open at the same time from both sides; here and on the other dimension. Over the years, I do not know why, this ability has been lost, although knowledge of the energy and the door has been preserved. And people tried to open this transition using force. Even with sacrifices. They were opening the door but the energy and its quality changed. Nothing which is taken with force cannot bring the harmonious energies as can do mutual respect, cooperation and communication. And slowly these wisdom, knowledge and skills went into oblivion. In thousands of years the area has been covered up with layers of dirt and dense grass. People have forgotten. In the kingdom of minerals and in the Earth itself however, the memory remained.

When I was meditating at the end of the avenue on the edge of the stones, I listened to the drums of the pagans and others who came that day celebrating the solstice with the intention of carrying out their rituals in an energetic strong place and on an energetically strong day, I felt a bit sorry for them. I knew they could still manage to call some energy with the rituals that they were doing but nothing from the circle. Only the memory was left of these energies, nothing but memory.

Callanish stone circle

Even if we could managed to unlock the door from this side, it would still remain closed from the other side. We do not have contact with that side any longer. And the other side, you could say, forgot about this portal.

The energy on the other side of the gate is closed and if you imagine it is like watching a lightened room from outside, from a dark night. We know that the light on the other side is on just because the door is like an old wooden one and here and there are rays of light coming through. However, this is not in this area but in the wider surrounding of this island. In those places we can still find fractions of that energy. However, do not take this door as a real door.

a drumming energy on a closed door

Within this stone circle energies rotate clockwise. If you stand within the circle, you can feel that it is not static, but it is as if you were going into a vortex. Some stones focuses their energy to the ground, others from the earth to the sky. The whole area vibrates. And if you listened carefully, you can hear it. Like a drumming energy on a closed door.

Even though that it was not what I expected, I would like to return to the Isles of Harris and Lewis again. The place, the island gave us a lot and we would like to experience it again and in more details.

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