Back to blogging ... finally

After too long I'm finally ready to write again. The pause was too long at the beginning because of the Free Meditation Course into which I put all my time. It was challenging for me to focus on only that for such a long time but I wanted to make it really good and helpful even though it is free. Of course I also wanted to publish it asap. The time pressure took away the creativity and spontaneity which are the two things that I love about our blog. After all the hard work I finally published the course but even more than a month later, I could not write a word. I found myself having some sort of a writer's block.

Since then a lot of other things happened as well. This summer was especially different for us. But in a good way. Expansion of energy. We decided to move.

Before we lived in a small city, most people would call it a town, on the coast of the Adriatic sea. Koper. A nice city. We had our little house in the middle of the old town. The special thing I guess was because the house had a garden hidden in the back that no one could see. We had just two neighbors with which we share a wall but actually just one could see into our garden and that one was never there.

Part of our backyard.

We had a lot of fun times there; friends visiting, chilling, laying in the hammocks and watching the stars at night. Yes. Even though it was in the middle of the city, we could enjoy or small piece of the sky. In the last year we renovated again, just a little, transformed the ground floor into a Reiki and meditation center. It was wonderful for us, especially for me. I just took the stairs to the first floor and I was home. Very easy when having clients one after the other. Much less time-consuming because I had everything at hand. And in the evenings when I finished with meditations and courses it was so easy and fast to call it a day.

But even though I loved the house and believe me, I could be talking and praising it still for a long time, for us it was a time to change. The energy was too closed for us there. We were working to expand ourselves but living in a place that is so closed it wasn't easy. So we made the decision to sell our house. I was afraid who will buy it. I wanted someone who will enjoy the house like we did and not someone who would see flaws in every corner. The house has more than 200 years and of course it has its minuses but it has also a lot of good in it. And yes we found the perfect family who is now enjoying the city center.

The best place on the coast.

For us on the other hand that meant a lot of packing. We sold the house in the end of July. And in the beginning of August we ere already moving. We first gave away most of our stuff. And then for three weeks we've moved in with a friend of ours. He has a big house probably at the best location of the Slovenian Coast. There we were like on vacation. A luxury one.

And finally after August we moved again in a temporary place a few kilometers outside Koper. In nature. We rented this place just until June. It will gives us time to find a more permanent housing. But already we can feel the change. The new place is much more open. It is a bit small and for most of the things we have, we don’t really have enough space but from the energy level speaking much much better.

Of course in this time I needed to find for me a new place to work. Again I found a small thing but it is just so perfect. I love it.

In the end I would just like to say this. I'm glad of every decision we’ve made by now but I'm also ready to start again working on our blog. We have two travels in the upcoming months and can't wait to discover new places, new energy and to tell you everything about.

For now it is all.

Stay well and meditate.

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