Bear in mind

It started on a Thursday with our group meditation on abundance. We have regular group meditations that are part of the courses Sara is holding. Thursday she was guiding our group and she was at her top. The energy during our guided group meditations is noticeably much stronger than when meditating by yourself and this time our group energy level rose very high.

The last meditation of the meeting was about magnetizing our wishes. Every one in the group focused on a personal wish while the rest were sending him the energy. By the end of the meditation we generated a lot of energy and we decided to offer it to the wild animals to find the best way to share our planet with humans and live together in harmony.

Forest near Grosuplje.

Another thing that adds up to this story is my connection with nature and the wildlife. Some time after my Reiki initiation I was told to pay attention when going into the wild nature as the animals and other beings will start to look for me and bring some messages. I am used to encounter wildlife when in nature, it feels normal for me. I assumed this meant I will start to bump into animals more frequently than usual. It turned out my assumptions were right.

Our next meditation travel was the spring of Baba. Baba is a small stream that runs in the south hilly area of Grosuplje which is just few minutes driving south of Ljubljana. The area is really nice and pleasant to the eye. Gentle little hills of tall wild meadow in bloom, forests of tall spruce and beech trees and some pretty villages of a couple of few houses spread around in the woods.

Near the Baba spring.

According to the lore Baba is a magic spring and it is famous for it can predict the rain. It is told that before the rain, the spring starts to erupt a lot of water but just for few minutes. Then it calms down and the rain starts to fall. The locals say the water comes from underneath the nearby St. Ahac and some believe it has healing properties. That immediately triggered our meditation travellers curiosity and we decided to check it out.

The place has a strong and vibrating energy.

We arrived there in the afternoon and parked our car few hundred meters away from the spring. We walked along the main road for hundred meters and then we took a side road locals use to get into the woods. Just few steps from the main road we found ourselves in the middle of a thick forest. Tall trees, wild flowers, bushes in bloom and moss everywhere. The smell of the forest was really intense and pleasant. We followed the sound of the running water and reached the stream. While walking toward the water Sara told me she was feeling kind of dizzy but in a positive way. She said she has problems with her balance and she could not walk straight as her legs were wobbling. I was not paying that much attention to what I sensed before Sara told me that. I realized I was experiencing the same thing. The place has a strong and vibrating energy. The tickling in my legs was real and I felt it crawling up my body right up to the head. It was a nice tickling though, like walking on a vibrating platform you find in a gym.

"I think someone is watching us!"

Arrived to the water we looked for a way to the source and started walking up following the stream. From the source the stream splits in two and runs down the sides of cliff base natural heap of rocks and stones, all covered up with moss. While climbing up the rocks Sara asked me if I too have the impression of being observed. She said we are not alone there and asked if I heard like some kind of lumbering around. I was standing right over the stream having a sip of the fresh water and I did hear only the water running. I listened for a while and looked around but I did not see or hear anything unusual. Perhaps were just branches of trees or air pockets underneath the water stream, just regular relaxing forest sounds.

Baba spring.

We decided to make a connection and perhaps a short meditation. I was looking where to sit as it was all wet and I found a perfect spot on a trunk of a tree laying over the stream. Few meters away Sara was looking to sit somewhere on the heap of rocks. I was making myself comfortable and preparing to meditate when Sara stood up and again asked me if I hear the lumbering in the nearby bushes. I heard someone was coming my direction through the tall forest grass and I stood up to see who it was. I thought perhaps it was a local or a dog from the houses we passed few hundred meters on our way to the spring.

In case of an attack we could not run away...

Suddenly a bear appeared right next to me. The bear was running slowly through the grass or better more like carelessly jogging and he was heading right toward the spot where I was standing. I suppose because of the tall grass and running water he did not noticed me till the last moment. He came to me from the right and he run passed me in front in a circle. The time passed really slow while he was passing by in front of me. It seemed he was having a good time enjoying his run. It was a young bear, not an adult bear. That left me worried and alert. I did consider the possibility he might charge us out of fear or worse he might not be alone and the mother bear could be following soon. We were in a tricky situation. In case of an attack we could not run away because of the rocks and also the bear has the advantage of being above us up the hill. Fortunately for us it is in the nature of bears to avoid humans and this time it was no exception. Once he noticed us, he changed his mind and went uphill keeping his steady jogging pace. While he was moving away I took my camera and recorded his climb. Almost at the top of the cliff when he was at a safe distance from us, he slowed down and stopped. Curious as any bear, he took a final look at us before disappearing deeper into the woods. In that short moment when we looked at each other, I knew we were simply paying respects to each other.

Sara was not watching the bear instead she was trying to get away as soon as possible. I guess she shared the same feelings as our hairy friend. She was scared and frenzied because of what happened. She faced a wild beast eye to eye in its natural habitat and handled the situation very well. I am so proud of her. As we did not knew if the bear was alone, we decided not to push our luck and skipped the meditation. What happened was enough excitement for one day and we headed straight back to the car. I realized the bear was a much bigger deal to Sara than it was to me. Sara was so excited that we continued talking about it the whole day and the next one and it did not stopped there. With the difference of Sara, I experienced this brief encounter as something natural, something I am used to or better say I was used to a long, long time ago.

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