How I overcame my deepest fear - face to face with it

The sea was very rough. The boat was waving up and down. We were far from the coast and I have always had a terrifying fear of deep water.

We arrived in Turkey yesterday early in the morning. Just after 3 hours of sleep the captain of the ship took us out from the port of Fethiye for our seven days gulet trip. The sea was clean at the beginning but soon the waves grew bigger and stronger. The gulet was moving very heavily. All was perfect except the fact that this was my first gulet or small boat experience and since I was of young age I had thalassophobia.

Sunrise on a boat in Turkey

But here I was with Bostjan and one other friend and at only that precise moment I remembered of my fear.

From since I was a child I loved the thought of flying but being in or on the sea or just thinking of it made me tremble with fear.

Swimming in the turquoise waters of Turkey

By now you probably know that I work a lot with energy, trying to expand my consciousness, meditate and so on. I notice big differences happening in me all the time and specially if I compare myself to what I was one year ago, two or more.

I think it was eight years ago when I first try to work on my fear with energy. I must admit that it was easier, I could even watch a movie that was filmed on a boat. I could fly over oceans without the fear that the see is under me.

So now in the middle of the sea I remember my biggest fear and realize that this fear is not mine any longer.

Leaving all the trauma from my past lives in the past with my phobia healed. I can't explain how good and strange it feels. I was almost convinced of having a nightmare of holiday but instead I am enjoying every minute of it.

And my conclusion and advice for you is as always work and invest in yourself, in your spiritual path with the right teacher and you can heal even your worst fear. Coping with fear is one thing, but forgetting that it ever existed is a whole different level. If you are interested in starting a journey of meditation I have prepared a FREE Meditation Course that you can find here.

Start by understanding were the fear comes from. Is it yours or maybe from someone else (for example your parents). Understand its origin. Maybe it has several. It may take some time but in the end believe me it is worth it.

And probably the most important advice I can give you is that don't rush into it. Don't let people manipulate you in doing what you are not ready to do. The right way is easy and it feels natural. Otherwise you will just build in you another wall of resistance and hide the issue even deeper.

And for me? I will enjoy the rest of my week on a boat making this trip an overture maybe into a whole new kind of travels.

This is one of my many experiences I really like to share with you and if you want to know more about similar experiences and how to deal with them, I welcome you to subscribe to our blog. Also if you want to start your own path check the FREE Meditation Course I have prepared.

Until next time. Stay well and meditate.

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