How to heal yourself with the power of wind - The healing power of the East

I am sitting in silence outside in the garden breathing and giving permission to the powerful Guardian of the East to take away my pain.

Meditation with the strong wind from the sea.

The wind is a powerful force not just to clean and swipe the Earth but also to clean and swipe anything that we give it. It can take away your pain, fear, troubles and much much more.

Now it's time to let it go.

Today I could barely sleep. I have a very strong pain in my back. It's nothing new for me to experience pain, just that this time the pain is not mine. Yesterday evening we had a class. During the meditation one of the girls attending was experiencing a very strong and sharp back pain. I could see what was going on and I tried to help her hence only to experience the same pain as she did. I opened myself to that pain willingly. I could hardly sleep during the night because of that. But now it's time to let it go.

This pain is not mine and I don't need it. So I'm just breathing now into the Wind and letting this great force from the East to take away what is not mine to have.

Breath-in. Breathe-out. May the air, one of the four forces of the world cleanse me.

I concentrate on the air and try not to feel it just on my skin but imagining how it is entering my body and slowly healing me. Bit by bit I can feel the difference and I even more let the wind blow through me. It is a meditation, a sensation, a conscious releasing. Not pushing to do it faster but just observing the work that is going on.

The more that I let go of my expectations of what should happen, the easiest the wind can really do it’s work.

Sometimes the pain leaves straight away, other times you need to work on it a bit longer. No matter which one you experience, just observe, feel and expand into something more than you were before you start.

This is one of my many experiences I really like to share with you and if you want to know more about similar experiences, I welcome you to subscribe to our blog. Also if you want to start your own path check the FREE Meditation Course I have prepared.

Until next time. Stay well and meditate.

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