It all started with a story a long time ago

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

I see a landscape. A long curvy road and a big house in the middle of it. It was all yellow, the grass like in autumn. There was no one outside, I could only see the light coming from a big house ... and music and other noises. I'm trapped inside that house.

That big house, meant to receive guests on their journeys, to rest and strengthen. Instead it is a devil's trap. Once you got in it is very difficult to get away and continue the path of your life. Seem like I've been seeing a chapter of a book I once read and it frightened me. Could I really be trapped inside? I honestly don't believe in devil or evil, I believe there is duality in every thing though. But at the same time the duality that humans made up.

The devil's trap would be a big hotel capable to accommodate every human being that is passing this land? No wonder no one is outside if inside you have music, entertainment, food, drink and all kind of hidden sins also made up from the ones who decided to live here. Everyone here is convincing each other that there is nothing at the end of the road, that everyone will just keep on walking in hunger and difficult conditions all of their lives without ever finding their desires, ever reaching their goal.

It is fun inside, nothing is missing but one thing. We are all forgetting our dreams. Following others and convincing ourselves to that there is no such thing as goals or that there is time for everything somewhere in the future. But the future is getting closer and closer every day.

I realize now where I am. But how to get out? If it is a devil's trap it would be impossible. Or is it only the name that it is the biggest challenge of all? I can't go against the devil, I will definitely loose. But what if this name, the devil's trap house is just another silly wanna be obstacle from the divine forces to laugh at us? We are so small and stupid that just the name is going to stop us? Not even try? Oh yes we are! We are a big joke to all the ones that are watching us. We think that we are marionettes and others are pulling the strings on us, but we do it ourselves. Sabotaging ourselves and thinking that we are doing the best for us? Slowly agonizing inside a house of terror that we designed for us. Dying and convincing ourselves that we are living the full.

Thank you teacher, for showing me that. I though of myself to be better than others, instead I'm the worst kind. I am blind, I am deaf and even my feeling are fake. So now is the time, just before I get sucked back in with my stupidity and my sheep mind. Now is the time to exit and leave behind comfort and familiarity and burn down all the ships because I'm not going back and this is the only way I can continue toward my real future. My dream.

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