Kazakhstan – The good, the bad and the beautiful

If you want to know how special and different Kazakhstan is, how can a connection and a meditation help you to travel better, enjoy more and understand more.

The good

Kazakhstan is a wonderful country, unexploited, with magnificent sceneries (landscapes), with ultra tasty food and has an unique vibration. We visited just a small part of it since we stayed there for only 12 days.

We stayed at Almaty, the old capital in the south. From there we traveled around the area for 1-3 days and always returned back to Almaty. This was because of our non preparation and we didn’t had much choice and also because after few days in the wild, I needed the shower and a normal hotel to sleep in. Outside of the city you never know what you get and if you get it.

Kaindy lake.

Sometimes we spent the night at someone’s home, other times we were lucky to get a room with a shared bathroom. Anyway since outside the city they are not used to travellers except some local tourists or maybe Russians, they treated us like some VIPS. It was funny at the beginning but later I felt sorry for them. One time the other guests in a guest house were told not to eat before us and similar things happened often. We didn’t know at first since we don’t understand Kazakh language and also because in the country they do not speak any other language, not even Russian.

I didn’t expect anything from this unknown place ... how was I wrong.

What about the food? Here I feel obligated to say that going abroad I never tested vegetables or other foods so good as it tasted in a house of locals in Kazakhstan. We don’t have vegetables or fruits with such flavor in Europe. Since the soil and the air is still so clean it is a wonderland for ones taste buds.

At the market.

I didn’t expect anything from this unknown place since it wasn’t my calling. I just went there accompanying Bostjan on his travel, his search. You can read about his experience here: (

My intention was to experience it like any other nature loving tourist. Oh my, how was I wrong. We walked deep into the magnificent vastness of the steppe, rode horses to the Kaindy lake, drove trough the desert, explored the canyons with precious stones all around us, we listened with joy to the song of the singing dune, hugged ancient trees, walked up the mountains and all that, is was just a beginning (small part).

The bad

We were planning to go to Bali for the end of April, just for a short two weeks vacation. I started to look for the flights at the beginning of the month and one day Bostjan came home and started talking about Kazakhstan. He talked on how he want to visit it, experience the steppe, how he was drawn to that place and that he wanted to visit it someday. Since we did not have the tickets to Bali yet, I suggested why not change Bali for Kazakhstan? After not that much thinking it was decided, our next travel destination was this unknown country of Kazakhstan.

...everything was practically closed...

It was a little fast. We practically got on the plane without knowing where we were going. We had just a hotel booked for the first two nights and a plan to rent a car and just drive around. What a fail that was. Because Kazakhstan is not yet used to tourism almost everything was practically closed the time we stayed there because of their national 1st May celebrations. The festivities were going on from 28th April until the 11th of May and we were flying back home on the 9th. Well done Sara and Bostjan!

“No, it is not possible!” LOL

The next thing that was a big problem for us at the beginning, was the food. We are vegans and we arrived in a country where the only thing that they know is meat. We survived the first two days mostly on bread and pickles. Even in one pizza place I asked if they can do a pizza without cheese and meat, just with vegetables and they said: “No, it is not possible!” hahahah(LOL) Now it sounds funny. Finally we have managed. We found a Restaurant Trieste in Almaty and became friends with the owner. We ate there every day when back in town and really enjoyed the pasta, pizza, salads and everything else they prepared for us. Thank you Brane! You are a life saver.

Because of the holidays all the rent a car offices were closed for those 12 days. Since we wanted to go abroad, we hired a car with a driver. We found an agency that provided us a driver with a large SUV for a reasonable price. Our driver was quite resourceful and he was making sure that we always got just vegan food even though he had a hard time explaining to the locals what was going on. I don’t think he was really explaining, it seemed more he was giving orders like a general since he was very proud that he was driving around Europeans :) We were the first vegans in that agency. Since then, they have us as a reference saying that if we survived Kazakhstan, they can take around anyone.

...I was bouncing all over the backseat of the car...

Another difficult thing in Kazakhstan are the roads, if you can call them like that!?!?! Some roads were in such a bad condition that when our driver drove, and he did not care of all the holes so he drove over at 100 km/h minimum. As result during our car trips I was bouncing all over the backseat of the car for most of the time. One morning I even thought of taking pain killers just to bear another 5 hours of driving. Since Kazakhstan is an enormous country mostly everything you want to visit is far away and with the roads I mentioned … it is painful. Correction. They have nicer roads but if you want to reach an interesting place, you just have to bear the off-road.

The beautiful

We almost forgot the suffering and we are mostly just remembering the good things, the breath taking landscapes, the nice people we met, the pristine and pure nature and the vibration that we felt.

The events and locations that made an impact on me

Wherever I go and if the place is intriguing, I make a connection with it. Even though I am walking or standing and listening. To make a quick connection I use Reiki but if I find a calm place and I have the urge or the time to do, I also meditate.

The four most important things that I experienced:

1. meditation in the desert

The wind at the top of the dune was strong and the sand was going in my eyes all the time. I wear contacts so the only way I could sit there was with my eyes shut and my sunglasses on, all also covered with a scarf. The energy that the small dune was sending me was very strange. It was almost like I was in a movie set and it wasn’t really a reality. A strange feeling that opened me a new understanding and knowledge. Sometimes a place is telling us just a part of the story and we need to take it. Maybe one day we will return and this dune will tell me something more. I am not saying that is wasn’t enough. The dune was definitely working on me when I was connecting with it. It gave me a lot of sensations, vibrations and a new awareness. It gave something to both of us. That day everybody that came to the dune to hear the singing, went away disappointed. Everybody except us. The dune sang for us and only for us and is was magnificent.

Meditation in the desert.

2. meditation in the steppe

In the steppe I did a meditation just because Bostajn wanted to do it there. It wasn’t meant to be a connection with the place but again the nature showed me it’s way because I just let it. This meditation is even more difficult to explain than the one before because it was all vibration and consciousness growing. We picked a spot that really felt right. We were alone in the middle of the steppe. We walked away from our car and wandered around for maybe two hours. We saw a few horses and a man who was watching over them. He was very much interested in what the …(bleep) are we doing in the middle of nowhere. :)

The spot that we choose was facing the big mountains in the far far south. Maybe the only words that can describe that meditation would be: As the steppe became liquid.

The steppe.

3. Initiation during the night

During the days that we traveled around Kazakhstan, I was trying to connect and understand the places, the nature. Some places were confusing, other very clear. And I know that because all of that meditation and Reiki in the nature. I received a special gift during the night, in my dreams. It was an initiation. Three powerful beings called me. Some people may of called them gods but I will call them powerful beings. Their names were Debora, Hanna and Timo. Their energy work on me was clear. Immediately after the initiation I woke up and wrote down their names.

4. Iva

Visiting Iva is another story. Iva is a 700 years old willow tree in the middle of the Altyn-Emel national park. There is desert almost everywhere around it except a small lake resembling a pond just beside it. Iva is a big tree. The rangers of the park were trying to take care of her but I don’t think they really understand the kind of energy they are dealing with. She is an entity and a really powerful one. Bringing healing. And she wasn’t alone. There were other etheric creatures living in and around her. A healing process and another powerful encounter.

I returned home “clean”. Kazakhstan helped me remove a lot of my energy luggage that I was still carrying around and helped me to climb a bit higher in on my path. I felt it and other people noticed the change as well.

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