Memory or past life

It was right after the meditation I began to look for something was calling me. I slowly stood up on the highest boulder from where I could see the circular shape the stones were forming. There were people all around chanting, dancing, celebrating the solstice. The sunset was painting the skies with beautiful colors. The Callanish stones were in bloom.

I had the feeling returning home.

The night was chilly and wet. The mist was slowly drifting through the forest of birch and white oak trees. I was walking among the trees returning to my house. The grass was wet. My gown was light gray, almost whit. My daughter was waiting for me to return back into the house. I remember I was taking care of her till the day she married and went away. Later in years she payed me visit with her family from time to time.

Vision of a past life

This was my home. I was respected and famous as the herbs lady, providing medicines, teas and extracts from local herbs. I was living in this house alone and I was happy.

I felt a strong desire to go there

From the boulder I looked around and searched for a sign of this call. I felt no particular feelings till I lie down my eyes on a little house on the bank on the other side of the canal. The house was in ruin and it was really nothing special but somehow I felt a strong desire to go there. We took our car and drove from the stones to the other side of the canal. When I started to move toward the house the sensation of being there before transformed into a certainty. I had the feeling of returning home after a long, long time. While getting closer I could felt the pieces of the puzzle coming together and forming a beautiful warm reunion. I clearly remembered the past life, places and people that happened there. I was at peace, I returned home.

The house on Harris

Everything I experienced during the meditation made sense. That life happened long time ago. Still I am not sure it was my previous life or it was a very old memory of the place that emerged through me. Anyway this beautiful feeling of returning home left a permanent mark in my heart.

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