My Celtic past and how you can make the most out of a practice or travel

Call it Celts, Wicca, Witchcraft, the Old religion or what you will. These were my first steps into spirituality that molded me into what I am today.

I was following this road for years and never talked about it nor explained to anyone. But the ones that were more attentive noticed the symbols that I wore at the time or maybe that the basic of what I believed in had more in common with some strange movies than with the ways that most of the people believe in nowadays.

At the labyrinth

These ancient civilizations were always an interest of mine. Maybe it was because I grew up in a region where the old was still remembered, even though I didn’t knew it at the beginning. This curiosity was also one of the reasons why I wanted to spend the summer solstice at the stone circle in Scotland two years ago (you can read about it here).

So my beginnings into energy practices stretch back to the time when I was reading books on Celtic spirituality, the rituals that they did, the meaning of the moon, Sun, symbols, herbs, plants, stones, colors, and the days of power. I always stopped in every bookstore or antique shops searching for more about it. I started meditating then and begin to look at most of the things regarding these ancient practices with respect and honor. It is right because of my past interests I can find the sacrality in most of the things and I am so very glad for it. Treating my meditation practice, my work with people, my courses and travels in that way, has bestowed my life.

Think about your practice. How sacred it is for you? How can you make it more important?

And why is it important?

Because if you don’t treat your practice with respect, you give your subconscious the signal, that it’s not important and you most likely won’t get much from it. And that is just one of the reasons.

How about when you are in nature?

Are you loud or are you gentle? Do you listen to the birds, the wind moving leaves or other sounds of nature? Are you polluting the nature with your voice, problems or are you connecting with the place and letting the nature nurture you?

Treat it with respect, honor it. Make a sacred place with your intention and actions. You will find out how this new place will change and give you so much more in return.

How can you make your meditation or experience even more special?

You can have a nice soft background music or sounds. You can lit a candle, perhaps burn some incense. Try to find a place where you will be undisturbed for the time of your practice.

Meditation at sunrise.

And when your travel abroad?

Greet the place you visit. Send it love or energy in your mind. Tell it you will respect it and actually respect it. Do not leave your trash behind, talk in moderation, listen and observe your surroundings. Doing so your attitude will open new doors for your expansion and growth. Your life will change.

Also if you want to read more about what is possible to learn, you can read about it here.

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