My first real conscious spiritual travel

There was a time in my life when everything seemed perfect. I made some big #changes, quit my job, finished my studies and was finishing a course on #consciousness that I was working on for years. In one #meditation we worked on finding a higher answer for an issue. Since my life at that time seemed perfect I decided to ask about my holidays. I couldn’t decide where to go. Mexico, Costa Rica, India, somewhere warm since I couldn’t enjoy my summer that year.

The call was so loud that I couldn’t ignore it.

The answer came loud and clear … #Iceland. But of course! Perfect time since it was almost November.

The call was so loud that I couldn’t ignore it. So we packed our bags and in less than two weeks we were there.

I must say it is the most magnificent country I’ve ever been to. It’s so unique and special that it’s hard to explain. The #energy, the #nature, the people living with nature, knowing that they are not the big bosses there but nature is. They live with nature, listen to it, feel it. It is their only way to survive around all the volcanoes, storms, harsh winters and are all alone in the middle of the North Atlantic. Their respect for nature is heartwarming.

All of a sudden everything was in a light shade of blue all around me.

My call for this magical place full of elves and other invisible creatures was very well rewarded. It is difficult to explain what happened on that icy rock just above a waterfall. I knew immediately which spot to choose to start raising my vibrations an working on understanding the place. I won’t get in details because I couldn’t possibly express in words what happened but the energy was very intense. I felt my #heart center opening, exploding and expanding far, far around me. I didn’t want to stop, the feelings were just too overwhelming. All of a sudden everything was in a light shade of blue all around me, just like the ice and the water in the current before me. I felt that I wasn’t alone. There were beings watching me. Tall, slim, blue from the other side of the river. Bostjan told me that I was meditating just for a few minutes but for me it seemed much much more. Nevertheless, the important thing was, that it opened an universe of knowledge, understanding and new #sensations for me.

meditation Iceland Meditation Travelers

I carried that experience for all my stay there. Nurturing it in me and experiencing that wonderful country even more because of it. Something changed in me that day. Something big. It was only a month later that I realized what exactly.

I can still now feel and in a way experience what I did that day. But now I know that even though it was immense, it was only a step in my evolution.

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