The water that keeps you young - Grofova voda – The Count’s water

Today I will write about a healing spring we visited last week. It's called Grofova voda which translated means the Count’s water. It is said the water from this natural spring it has more healing qualities than the one from Lourdes in France. Also it is said it is one with the most curative properties in the whole world. Since we already were wandering around in those parts of Slovenia and curious as we are, we decided to check it out.

Path to Grofova voda

According to the local tradition this water was carried to the Tolmin’s Count at the castle on Kozlov rob. He believed the water would keep him forever young. The water from the spring is clean and rich in minerals. It has a positive effect on the entire body and according to measurements using radiesthesia it is one of the best in the world. Drinking this water refreshes us and gives us strength. An interesting fact is also the spring never goes

dry. (source:

We followed the directions on how to get to the small village of Gabrje which is just outside of Tolmin in Slovenia. Once in the village we weren’t really sure which way to go and where to park our car. So we asked some locals working around their house for the directions. They were super friendly and told us where to leave the car and where to go. Also they explained us everything on how good and unspoiled are all the natural springs in the surrounding area and that people from all over come to the village for the healing, living water. Some of them even walk up and down few times just to get as much water as they can. After our brief talk we were even more curious. What is so special about that water?

Path to Count's water source

To get to the spring we followed a path and walked about 1600 m uphill through a nice forest. Looking down the valley we could see the emerald river Soča, the most beautiful river in the world.

On the way up we were surpassed by an older woman. She went by us like a rocket. What a shame! We caught her later again at the spring and she told us how she is coming to get the water whenever she can, that she is very well and without any health problems, having a good time, walking and taking care of her 11 great-grandchildren.

Around Count's water spring

Before I talk about the water I would like to tell you about my experience of the water from Lourdes in France. It happened many years ago. I had just a glass and almost immediately I started to feel strange. I was suffering from migraines back then and a few minutes after drinking the water from Lourdes, I got a nasty migraine.

"... energy rising from the spring..."

So I drank the Count’s water trying to figure out the energy, the living content that is supposed to be caring. I couldn't concentrate that much because I had this lovely lady explaining us all about the water, her children, health etc. but I immediately felt that it was in fact something different with this water. I felt it very well. I didn’t get migraine since I practically don’t have them any longer but something was happening. I felt a light pressure in my head and my vision started to change a little. Staring at the spring I could see the energy raising more than two meters above the water. It was a nice picture.

Grofova voda - Count's water spring

First step was meditation on water.

First connection - meditation with water

I could sense the water but honestly I don’t know if I am able to explain anything about it yet. For sure is a good and strong water. I sense that in the first connection is mostly working on the upper centers, specially my third eye. This is the reason I could sense the head and couldn’t see well. I saw it as an intense energy, I could almost say invasive even though in a good way. This is not a calming water, it has a lot of high moving frequencies to it. The water is active and it gives you energy but does not calm you down.

We will go back to the spring again to investigate a little more and we will post the updates.

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