With all the meditation and healing that I do… how have I got the flu?

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Do you find yourself sometimes wondering “What else should I do? Yet I got the flu!?!?”

Well yes, it is frustrating when you get sick. Specially when you are the one #healing other people with much more problematic health issues. Does getting sick lower your credentials? Are you just not good enough or are you a fraud? Nothing of the above I hope.

Try and see the bigger picture.

You may probably have noticed by now that our life is not just black and white. For every illness that manifests or situation that arises, there are various reasons and causes which behave like a tangled cobweb. When addressing an issue sometimes we dig out some things passed from the parents, past lives, something that is perhaps buried in the family from generations. Then it is necessary to find and untangle all of those strings that are causing the issue.

But why a #flu then? I am on sick leave right now. My husband, Bostjan got sick last week. I worked on him everyday and I also worked on me. That way I was sure I will not get it from him but after the 5th day … I got it anyway. So I took some time to rest. Anyway I couldn’t stop thinking of what is this all about. I’ve been working hard lately. I have two to tree courses a week, sometimes even four. Also I have individual therapies in between and #meditations. Most days I work for 12 hours a day but that should not be the reason because even though I did long hours I was full of energy and wasn’t feeling tired or exhausted. The reason must be elsewhere.

An illness is always speaking to you.

Two days ago something unexpected happened. For the first time in over 20 years my sinuses burst open. I rarely got sick during the last 15 years or so but two of those times I had sinus infection. I was given some antibiotics and the infection eventually passed, but my sinuses never opened. That lead also to a problem with my balance. There were moths that everything was perfect but then it happened I could hardly walk for a month because of that. The point is that the healing I was doing to myself was even more effective than I thought. Because of this flue I finally healed my sinuses and solved the balance problem. At least one part of the balance.

So in conclusion. Do not worry if sometimes you will get sick. If you live a happy and fulfilling life the illness always came for a reason. Maybe there is something you need to change or maybe is helping you to move forward. Take your time, find the reason or at least think about it.

Thank your body for helping you get better.

Take the time that the illness is bringing you to relax, recharge, sleep, maybe read something that you wanted for a long time. Take the time to find what is teaching you, to #listen to your body what is saying. And instead of being angry because you got sick, thank your body instead why is working so well for you, helping you get better.


  • you work too hard

  • deep down you try to avoid something (maybe job that you don’t like ,...)

  • to learn something about yourself

  • you are stressed and don’t take time for yourself

  • you are not happy on your path

  • you just got out of an intense situation/work and is time to relax

  • you are just surrounded by too many viruses :-)

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