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The protection of personal data

Information on the processing of personal data.

In order to make the best use of the services and / or information that Danann d.o.o. It makes available to you with this website, the user may be asked to provide information and / or personal data and e-mail address. With reference to this, our Company confirms that all these data will be processed in full compliance with the GDPR. In particular, in implementation of this regulatory framework, we consider it appropriate to confirm the following:

  1. The processing of personal data referred to or referable to you is carried out for the sole purpose of being able to allow the carrying out of economic and commercial activity by Danann d.o.o. - including commercial communication - and mainly to be able to fulfill any obligations assumed with you.

  2. The provision of the data requested from you is optional, any refusal to supply them will not allow us to carry out correctly and comprehensively the transactions of your interest and relevance.

  3. The personal data referred to or referable to you are not and will not be communicated or disseminated outside the cases permitted by law and this will in any case take place in the manner provided for by the same.

  4. You can exercise, at any time, the rights provided for by the legislation and in particular, among others, the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning you, their eventual updating, rectification or integration, the right to object, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of the data and finally the right to object to the processing of data provided for the purposes of commercial information, of sending advertising material, or for carrying out market research or interactive commercial communication.

  5. The Data Controller of your data is: Danann d.o.o., Piazza Gortan 15, 6000 Koper - Capodistria, Slovenia.


Global disclosure Danann d.o.o. on Internet privacy

Danann d.o.o. respect the right to privacy. This statement summarizes what personal and other information we can collect and how we can use it. In addition, other important topics relating to the protection of privacy and user data are described.

It is politics Danann d.o.o. comply with all applicable privacy and data protection laws. This commitment reflects the value we attach to acquiring and maintaining the trust of our customers, business partners and other individuals who share their personal information with us.

This procedure applies to all Internet sites operated by or on behalf of Danann d.o.o. and includes the business units Danann d.o.o. globally.


Website Privacy Policies

While this policy applies to all Danann d.o.o. internet sites, each Danann d.o.o. it has a different purpose and different characteristics. If it is necessary to provide additional or different information in relation to a specific Danann d.o.o. website, Danann d.o.o. provides such information directly on the Site or provides a Privacy Notice for the Web published on the same site. Each Privacy Notice on the Danann d.o.o. integrates and modifies this Notice.


Consent of the user

By using a Danann d.o.o. the user accepts the terms of this privacy policy. By submitting information through this site, the user consents to the collection, use and communication of such information as described in this statement and in any privacy policy applicable to the country or website.


Information provided voluntarily by the user

Danann d.o.o. collects information that the user knowingly and voluntarily provides to take advantage of features or to participate in an activity on a Danann d.o.o. Internet site. For example, Danann d.o.o. may collect user information so that the latter can receive e-mail alerts upon completion of a survey, following a request for information on a product or when the user submits a question to Danann d.o.o. or provide feedback via e-mail. In many cases this information may include information of a personal nature.

Danann d.o.o. treats this information exclusively for the purpose for which it is provided. For example, if the user provides their e-mail address when agreeing to receive alerts via e-mail, this address is used to send the requested alerts.

Many of the Danann d.o.o. allow you to make choices regarding the use of personal information. In most cases, we ask you to indicate your preferences at the time and on the page on which you provide personal information.

We may also use the information we collect on the Danann d.o.o. for various business purposes such as providing customer service, improving our products and services, providing information and offering offers that we believe may be of interest to the user. We may also remove all personal information and use the rest for historical, statistical or scientific purposes.


Information Collected Automatically

Danann d.o.o. collects information sent automatically by the user's web browser. This information generally includes the Internet service provider's IP address, the name of the user's operating system and the name and version of the browser in use. The information we receive varies according to your web browser settings. If you wish, check on your browser what information your browser sends or how you can change the settings.

This information is used to improve our sites and make them more compatible with the technologies used by our Internet visitors.



A "cookie" is an information file placed on the user's device when the latter visits a website. Cookies and similar technologies can improve the user's experience by saving their personal preferences, personalizing their online experience, keeping articles in your shopping cart and periodically providing advertisements tailored to your interests.

All our websites Danann d.o.o. they use "session cookies". A session cookie does not identify the user personally and expires when the browser is closed. For example, when the user uses the Danann d.o.o. Product Catalog, we insert a session cookie to note which pages he has viewed. We can use this information to provide the user with suggestions on other products that may be of interest to him.

Some Danann d.o.o. they also use "persistent cookies". These cookies do not expire when the browser is closed. Permanent cookies remain on the computer until they are deleted by the user or until they expire. By assigning a unique identifier to the user's computer, we are able to create a database of their previous selections and preferences so that they can be automatically provided so that the user can save time and effort during subsequent visits. For example, after making a purchase, if you decide to make another one and the shipping address has been kept, you just need to confirm this address.


Use and sharing of user information

Danann d.o.o. will not sell personal information collected from its Internet sites to mailing list brokers without the explicit consent of the user.

Many of our Danann d.o.o. allow you to make choices regarding the communication and / or transfer of personal information. In most cases, we ask you to indicate your preferences at the time and on the page on which you provide personal information.

Danann d.o.o. will not communicate personal information about visitors to its Internet sites, except in the cases described below:

  • Except as specified, we may use information collected from the Danann d.o.o. to improve the content of our site, customize it according to user preferences, communicate information to the user (if required) for our marketing and research activities, as well as for any other purpose specified on the sites.

  • Danann d.o.o. may share the user's personal information with other Danann d.o.o. business units. When this happens, the other Danann d.o.o. business units use personal information in a manner consistent with the purposes for which it was originally collected (or to which the user had subsequently consented).

Furthermore, Danann d.o.o. may share personal information with third parties who perform support services for Danann d.o.o .. Such third parties are required to use the personal information shared with them solely to perform services on behalf of Danann d.o.o. and to consider this personal information as strictly confidential in accordance with all applicable privacy and data protection laws.

  • In some cases, Danann d.o.o. may share personal information with third parties who are its partners to provide products and services to its customers, for example to distributors. When this happens, we require our business partners to use the information in a manner consistent with the purposes for which it was originally collected (or to which the user subsequently consented) and only on the basis of the provisions of this disclosure, in any disclosure privacy policy applicable to the country or website as well as under the provisions of all applicable privacy and data protection laws.

  • In some limited circumstances we may share or transfer personal information to third parties with whom we do not have a business relationship. For example, we could provide personal information to third parties (i) for a user request; (ii) to comply with a legal obligation or court order; (iii) to investigate a possible crime, such as identity theft; (iv) in connection with the sale, purchase, incorporation, reorganization, liquidation or termination of Danann d.o.o .; or (v) for similar circumstances. If such an event occurs, we will take appropriate steps to protect your personal information.


Protection of the user's personal information

The user's personal information is generally stored in Danann d.o.o. databases. or in databases maintained by our service providers.

Danann d.o.o. adopts appropriate measures aimed at protecting the security, confidentiality and integrity of the user's personal information. For example, we use secure technologies to transfer personal information over the Internet.

We limit access to personal information only to those who need access for business needs.

Although Danann d.o.o. adopts security measures aimed at protecting the user's personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, processing, it should be borne in mind that Internet transmissions are never completely protected or error-free. Danann d.o.o. will not be responsible for security breaches beyond its reasonable control.


Links to Third Party Internet Sites

The Danann d.o.o. may contain links to Internet sites not managed by Danann d.o.o .. These links are provided as a service and do not imply that Danann d.o.o. approve the contents and / or activities of the sites referred to in these links, nor do they imply the existence of any relationship with those who operate on and manage the sites relating to such links. Before using a site or providing personal information, we recommend that you read the privacy policy posted on the website you wish to visit.


Access to personal information

You can review, correct and update the personal information provided to us on the Danann d.o.o. website. using the feedback mechanisms provided on a particular site, by contacting us by e-mail or by writing to us at Danann d.o.o., Piazza Gortan 15, 6000 Koper - Capodistria, Slovenia ..


Retention of personal information

The retention period of the user's personal information varies depending on the purpose and use of the information collected. There are legal requirements under which we keep certain types of data for specific periods. Otherwise, we keep them for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data was collected.



Most of the Danann d.o.o. they are not designed for children under the age of 13. Danann d.o.o. does not request or knowingly collect personal information from or relating to children on its Internet sites unless permitted by applicable law.


Questions about this policy or our privacy policies

If you have any questions about this policy or a website privacy policy or Danann doo's processing of your personal information, please contact us by email or by writing to us at Danann doo, Piazza Gortan 15, 6000 Koper - Koper, Slovenia ..


Changes to this policy and our privacy policies

Changes to this information will be published on this site. Danann d.o.o. reserves the right to update or modify this policy and any website privacy policy at any time and without notice. Any changes apply solely to the personal information we collect after posting.

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