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Christmas Tree

Advent Calendar

with Meditations and Spiritual practices

Create a magical December for yourself with our Advent Calendar. It will take you to a calm, conscious, liberating December in an easy way.

Advent time can be stressful. It's the time of rush, crowds, short days, long nights, time of excessive spending and time when we "must" act and work in a certain way. If we accept this time, this magical time, in a different way and if we dedicate just a little bit to ourselves and prepare ourselves, this time can be full of peace, pleasant gatherings and warmth (especially the ones from the heart). A time when we sit down at the table with our loved ones and we enjoy eating something that was made with love. This time can turn from long dark days into days full of peace, love, heart-felt connections, magic and miracles.

Because we believe in the power of this time and always try to make it as magical as possible, this year we decided to present you our new Advent calendar. Don't worry, there won't be meditation every day, there will be also peaceful moments with yourself, there will be opportunities for new beginnings, opportunities for peace, for love, and to feel the warmth and magic of this time. On some days, you will have some task to perform, on other days you will listen to guided meditations, on another time we will do the work for you. Everything will be energetically supported if you only want it and accept it. We are looking forward to this magical December in your company so that we not only spend it together but LIVE wholeheartedly in Unity.

Join us on this wonderful adventure that will be specially designed in the form of a fairy tale. Will you follow Ela's journey for the flame and, with her help, awaken this flame in your heart yourself?

You can join the Advent calendar whenever you want, until 24.12. All events are online and you can do them whenever you want or have the time for yourself.

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Feedback from last year's Advent Calendar

Some parts were done afterwards, but in the end everything came together and connected. It was very nice with very good feelings. 😁

Nina K

Thank you for all the moments of this Advent. I wish you peaceful, happy holidays from 💕 🎄🍀☃️🤗

Feeling good, energies mostly calm and creative. A little tired at times. Things are slowly settling down. I no longer feel the need to rush. I take time for myself, to rest, to read, to create, for what I feel at that moment. With this calmer energy, I find that even what I have to do is easier for me. There is a lot of thinking, questions, connections... Some things are falling into place.


I'm happy for this opportunity. I write something every day how I would like to dance and sing.  And today during yoga I started dancing and mumbling. I feel more relaxed. Thank you. You are great❤️🙏


Thank you for the gift of St. Nicholas, both in the form of a recipe and in the sharing of warm energy hugs :)

M. B.

Thank you❤️

Nina T.

Yes, this is an interesting journey into one's depths. I can say I'm getting to know myself again after being in a routine for a while.

Darja S.

I'm doing great. Just taking half an hour for myself every day is phenomenal 😊

Nina D.

I am so happy that even in this crazy days of December, with your help, I can stop a little, take time for myself and find peace and myself again. THANK YOU❤️

Larisa S.

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