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How to start meditating for beginners?

Do you have 5 minutes? Then you can start right now.

I’ve noticed that people lately are often trapped in between career, home, family or what we call the fast pace of life. Fewer and fewer give themselves a some moments to recharge their batteries and do what makes them happy. This makes it even more difficult to start meditating. These people are, for the most part, convinced that meditation requires hard work and thousands of courses and information. But in reality, meditation is the simplest and most natural thing you can experience. You just have to allow yourself to start.

Meditation is like breathing.

You will probably agree with me when I tell you that you don't need to think before every exhale and inhale. Every breath is natural and meditation is equally natural and easy. If only you would allow yourself to take it this way.

How to start meditating

In fact, you can start meditating right away. You just have to have the will and desire. It takes just a few minutes and you are already meditating.

To begin you need a few minutes of peace. Find a time in your day when nothing and no one will disturb you for at least 5-10 minutes or define the duration of your first meditation on your own. Get into a comfortable position with your back straight and breathe deeply. Your attention is always focused on the inhale and exhale.

To help you with the length of your meditation you can set a timer or simply listen to your senses which will tell you when it is time to stop. The speed with which you relax, obviously, depends on your state of restlessness and the burden of duties, activities and obligations you carry with you.

It's never too late to start meditating. Millions of people around the world meditate regularly. For what reason? Because they get remarkable results. And you don't have to wait 40 years for these results, you just have to persevere for a good while. And yes, I often hear, “There is no time.” But do you know what the saying says? To meditate every day for 20 minutes. On the day you don't have time, meditate for an hour.

I know it may seem impossible to you, but start now and you will tell me in the future. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. It doesn't matter when you meditate. You can wake up 15 minutes before everyone else to have peace of mind and start the day like you’re reborn. You can do this on the way home from work, when perhaps you will stop to watch the sunset. Or perhaps you'll skip a part of the movie in the evening to sink into pure relaxation for 5 or 10 minutes to facilitate a deep, relaxing sleep. The decision is always yours.

Make up your mind. Find a peaceful space. Breathe in and focus just on your breathing. It's that simple.

Steps on how to start meditating for beginners that you can practice anytime, anywhere:

1. Make sure no one bothers you.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Take a deep breath in.

4. For a few moments listen to yourself, your body.

- listen to the physical body: pain, tension, sensations you feel on the physical body;

- listen to the emotions: how you feel in this moment (Without judging what you feel. At this moment it is just a sensation and it is neither good nor bad);

- observe your thoughts: how many are there, what are they like? Without judging them. At the moment there are neither positive nor negative thoughts, there are only thoughts.

5. Take a deep breath. And follow your breathing with your thoughts. A couple of minutes or as long as you want. Breathe in and out. ... Inhale ... and exhale ...

6. When you feel like finishing the meditation, do it lightly and slowly open your eyes.

7. Even with your eyes open, you will find that your experience, the calm, has not changed. It remained the same as it was during meditation. Try to transfer this state of calm into your day. Some days you will do it a little better, other days maybe a little less. With practice you will see that you will get better at it with each practice.

Carry on...

Of course, in the future it will be up to you whether you use meditation just to calm down, relax and calm yourself from your busy schedule or to try going a little deeper. Maybe exploring something about yourself, maybe working on different skills, evolving, growing. Meditation is much, much, more than calming the mind and emotions. Meditation affects the physical body. Meditation is to growing and strengthening yourself in all areas. It's the release of all the limitations and burdens you carry with you throughout your life, so that you can finally breathe, and feel free, and be reborn.

How to start meditating

It's up to you to decide whether on this new journey you've undertaken, you'll just look through an open window while driving, or you'll go out and explore new exotic places that open’s up around you.

Change happens within you

The world around you is just a hologram of what you carry inside you. That's why, even when you talk to someone, you will notice that if looking at the same thing or situation, two people can each have their own different point of view and feelings about it. Because what we carry inside us is different. The more calm, pleasant and carefree your inner world is, the more calm, pleasant and carefree your external world will be. And no, it's not an invention. This is the truth. A truth you can experience for yourself. In fact, I encourage you not to believe me but to take some time, say two months, and give it a try. I can't wait to hear what your experience was.

What about meditations for beginners that aren't just based on breathing?

Initial meditations, or rather meditations that you can start today - even if you have never meditated before - are usually all the ones you find online as guided meditations. Of course, some meditations are a little more difficult than others, but if it is published it usually means that you don't need pre-existing knowledge about that topic. Just let yourself go and enter this magical world. You can also find guided meditations of this type here on this page. To access click HERE.

Do you want to meditate online with us? Join us for a free online meditation with supportive therapy, so you can achieve the deepest relaxation possible. Fill out the form below to register. You will receive information with the link a few days before the meditation where you can follow us. Registration will remain accessible for 48 hours after the event.

Discipline: regular practice

At the same time, it is important to emphasize that a meditation every now and then will not work miracles. It may calm you down a bit, but it won't have any deeper effect. Meditation is like any other discipline that must be repeated to achieve the desired effects. It doesn't matter whether your goal is to meditate for 60 minutes or to progress in meditation. The important thing is that you start practicing and doing it regularly. Imagine you want to run a big marathon but you can't manage to run even a single kilometer. It takes perseverance, practice and patience. There will also come days when you won't feel like it, when you won't be able to relax. Meditation is a wonderful and extraordinary tool available to all of us to experience, use and enjoy the extraordinary fruits it brings us.

So are you ready to start your meditation journey? Have you already started? Tell us in the comments.

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