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The breath

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

What was the first thing you did when you were born? You cried? No. You took a deep breath, and only then you did cry.

Breath stimulates life. But how many times have you truly appreciated this fundamental function that keeps you alive?

Breathing is a miracle.

Make today's meditation respect and value this gift of breath. Look at the breath with reverence and sacredness.

il respiro in meditazione

If you want, you can meditate today with our "Breathing to Expand Consciousness" audio which you access HERE.

In this meditation you will focus on the breath and the connection of the breath so that there are no spaces between inhalation and exhalation and between exhalation and inhalation. Don't let your breathing become automatic as your thoughts will start to escape and you will lose touch with meditation. Follow your breath and pay attention to your body during meditation.

While meditation may seem easy at first glance, it is not.

Why connected breathing?

Effects on the physical body

On a physical level, conscious connected breathing will bring more oxygen to the cells, stimulate the vagus nerve, promote the hypothalamus, and affect the autonomic nervous system. You will be able to notice a variety of sensations such as: shivering, warmth, tingling and itching, twitching, tremors, pain or surges of energy and / or waves of ecstasy. All of these are natural bodily impulses that we usually suppress. Let these movements come. You will feel more alive than ever.

Emotional Effects of Conscious Connected Breathing

On an emotional level, a variety of emotions can arise. Bliss, laughter, joy or fear, anger and sadness. Allow them to appear, deepen the breath to enter the experience, or return to normal breathing to simply witness the unfolding of the accumulated emotions in your body.

Do not abandon yourself in thoughts Do not get bogged down in stories; the body does not speak this kind of language and knows nothing about the drama of your life. It is enough to let your emotions gather, play and go as they want.

Spiritual Effects of Conscious Connected Breathing

You can feel a sense of unity or wholeness. The feeling of separation between the body and the "outside world" can partially or completely disappear. You can experience strong intuition and inner knowledge. Thoughts can cease to exist or lose their meaning. You can experience unconditional love and recognize the essentiality of existence, including yourself, in the form of profound peace.

And it is made available to everyone, simply by breathing! Extraordinary, right?

Experiences such as mentioned above can lead to confusion and imbalance when we do not have mental structures or life circumstances that promote healthy integration. Therefore, once again, it is advisable to take things calmly and take the time to wisely explore this terrain with healthy intentions, engage in the course, and seek help if needed.

All the effects described above, however, come to light slowly and with constant exercise. However, it is a rare exception that they occur when doing this type of breathing or meditation only once.

Are you interested in learning more? Leave a comment down below.

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